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City Sky

Navigating Business Challenges As One

Countless businesses, big or small, are fighting to navigate today’s challenges for various reason. At CCS, our principles and goals are in place to help us succeed in helping others.

CCS Principles of Work Culture

Listen To Lead

  • Facilitate Listening Sessions

  • Create Assessment/ Inventory

  • Facilitate Surveys to gage current strengths and areas for potential development

  • Develop, Moderate Discussions

Cultivate Awareness & Mark

  • Develop branding narrative around organizational objectives


  • Facilitate and participate in


  • Research Industry-specific and demographically centered best practices


  • Develop initiatives that are inclusive of the target audience’s interest/needs.

Increase Allyship & Inclusion

  • Identify development, implementation and maintenance team

  • Secure Allies and Accomplices 


  • Facilitate resource and networking experiences for target audience.


  • Enhance participatory partnerships with other membership-facing organizations to enhance exposure 


Creative Office

Help you increase engagement, awareness and workplace synergy through the successful development and implementation of communication strategies, events and programs.

Introduce and leverage innovative perspectives and promising and proven practices for long-term sustainable solutions.

Help you navigate and facilitate diverse and participatory partnerships for greater performance.

CCS DE&I Highlights

Technical Support to
Minority Businesses
DE&I Strategies
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