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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

We are a boutique consulting firm that helps organizations strategically implement workforce development and change management solutions to transform workplace culture and performance.


We help organizations grow their businesses from the inside out – further empowering people and the way they work through a human-centered approach. This work has become more relevant than ever, as organizations strive in an ever-evolving global market, to reengineer rebuild and retain, their workforce in the midst of world-altering shifts.


We believe that driving sustained cultural change involves the development and coordination of carefully curated experiences that are reflective of both the DNA and core competencies of the organization.


Meet The Founder

West Headshot 2020.JPG

Donavan Sterling West is a highly accomplished and sought after leadership and workforce development strategist. As a thought-leader and relationship management executive, Donavan leverages his exceptional business acumen and 20+ years of experience in developing and leading successful organizations, with a keen focus on social services and public affairs. As the founder and CEO of Culturally Congruent Solutions, Donavan creates and executes forward thinking strategies to facilitate a culturally competent and inclusive performance culture with an emphasis on Executive Coaching, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Trainings/Facilitation, Change Management and Business & System Process Efficiencies.


Donavan is committed to performance improvement within group dynamics and provides a full capability offering in leading successful Community Partnerships and Workforce and Development Initiatives that significantly contribute to achieving organizational excellence. If you would like to learn more about Donavan, please click here to see his full resume.

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